Is Nascar More Popular Than Football?

Nascar is not more popular than football. Although nascar has a dedicated fan base, football remains the most-watched sport in the united states.

Football is undeniably one of the most popular sports in the united states. From the super bowl to college games, fans gather in droves around their televisions and at stadiums to watch their favorite teams compete. However, nascar also has a passionate following with its own set of die-hard fans.

With the roaring engines, squealing tires, and high speeds, watching a nascar race can be an adrenaline-pumping experience. But when it comes to overall popularity, football’s nationwide appeal cannot be matched by nascar. Despite this, nascar continues to draw in its core fan base and has a rich history of memorable moments and legendary drivers.

Is Nascar More Popular Than Football?


Brief History Of Nascar And Football

Is Nascar More Popular Than Football?

When it comes to sports, many people have a favorite that they follow and watch passionately. Two sports that have a massive following in the united states are nascar and football. While football is known as america’s favorite sport, nascar has also gained a significant level of fame over the years.

This article will take a deeper look into the history of these two sports to determine which one is more famous.

Origin And Evolution Of Nascar

Nascar stands for the national association for stock car auto racing. It has its roots in illegal moonshine running, where people used to modify their cars to outrun the police. In 1947, the first race of modified stock cars was held in daytona beach, florida, which marked the beginning of nascar.

Over the years, nascar has evolved from dirt tracks to paved ovals, and the cars have become highly specialized and advanced.

Here are some of the key points about the origins and evolution of nascar:

  • Nascar started in 1947 with modified stock cars.
  • The first race was held in daytona beach, florida.
  • Nascar has evolved from dirt tracks to paved ovals.
  • Nascar cars have become highly specialized and advanced over the years.

Origin And Evolution Of Football

Football, also known as american football, has its roots in rugby, which was played in england in the mid-19th century. The game was introduced to the united states in the 1860s, and the first intercollegiate game was played in 1869 between princeton and rutgers.

Over the years, football has become more complicated, with new rules and techniques being introduced to make the game more exciting.

Here are some of the key points about the origins and evolution of football:

  • Football has its roots in rugby, played in england in the mid-19th century.
  • The game was introduced to the united states in the 1860s.
  • The first intercollegiate game was played in 1869 between princeton and rutgers.
  • Football has become more complicated over the years, with new rules and techniques being introduced.

Both nascar and football have a fascinating history and have evolved significantly over time. Each sport has its unique set of fans who follow the races and games passionately. While football may be more famous overall, nascar has also gained a massive following and become one of the most popular sports in the united states.

Understanding The Popularity Of Nascar And Football

Nascar and football are two of the most popular sports in the united states. While football has been the top spectator sport for decades, nascar has been gaining momentum over the years. In this section, we’ll delve into the factors that influence their popularity and compare their metrics to determine which sport is more popular.

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Factors That Influence Popularity

Various factors contribute to the popularity of a sport, including media coverage, fan base, revenue, and more. Here are the crucial elements that influence the popularity of nascar and football:

  • Media coverage: Media coverage is crucial for the growth of any sport. Both nascar and football receive a significant amount of media coverage, including live broadcasting of races, games, and events. However, football, being a well-established sport, gets national and international attention from various news outlets, while nascar tends to be more regional.
  • Fan base: The fan base of a sport is an essential parameter that can determine its popularity. Football has a massive fan following with millions of fans across the globe. On the other hand, nascar has a dedicated fan base concentrated mainly in the southern states.
  • Revenue: Revenue generated by a sport reflects its popularity and success. In terms of revenue, football is the clear winner. Nfl is the most lucrative sports league in the world, with an annual revenue of over $15 billion. In comparison, nascar generates around $3 billion in revenue annually.

Comparison Of Popularity Metrics

To determine which sport is more popular, let’s look at some metrics such as tv ratings, attendance, and social media reach.

  • Tv ratings: Tv ratings are one of the most critical metrics that indicate the popularity of a sport. Football games dominate tv ratings every year. According to nielsen ratings, the nfl accounted for 43 of the top 50 telecasts in the 2020-21 season. In contrast, nascar ratings have been declining over the years, with only the daytona 500 and brickyard 400 races getting good ratings.
  • Attendance: The number of people attending a sports event is another critical metric to determine its popularity. While some stadiums like the dallas cowboys’ at&t stadium can hold over 100,000 fans, nascar tracks can hold only a few thousand. In terms of attendance, football is undoubtedly the winner.
  • Social media reach: With the advent of social media, sports teams and organizations have the opportunity to expand their reach and engage with fans worldwide. In terms of social media, football teams and players have a much more significant presence on major platforms like facebook, twitter, and instagram than nascar teams and drivers.

Football is still the more popular sport in the united states, with a more extensive fan base, better media coverage, higher revenue, and better metrics in terms of tv ratings and attendance. However, nascar has been growing in popularity steadily over the years, thanks to its dedicated fan base, and could give football a run for its money in the future.

Nascar Vs. Football: Tv Ratings And Viewership

Many sports enthusiasts love to debate which sport is the most popular. In countries like the united states, football has always been considered the king of sports. However, in recent years, nascar has gathered a huge following. One way to measure the popularity of both sports is by comparing their tv ratings and viewership.

Detailed Comparison Of Nascar And Football Tv Ratings

Tv ratings are crucial indicators of the popularity of sporting events. The tv ratings for both nascar and football vary depending on different factors. Below are some comparisons of the tv ratings of both sports.


  • The super bowl is the most-watched television event in the united states, with an average of 100 million viewers.
  • The national football league (nfl) is one of the most-watched sports leagues in the world.
  • The average tv ratings for regular-season nfl games are around 14 million viewers.


  • The daytona 500 is the most-watched nascar event, attracting more than 9 million viewers.
  • Nascar’s overall tv ratings have been on a decline, with 2019 ratings averaging 3.3 million viewers per race.
  • Nascar ratings significantly depend on the success and popularity of drivers.

Analysis Of Viewership Statistics, Including Demographics And Geographic Breakdowns

Apart from tv ratings, demographic and geographic breakdowns offer insights into the popularity of both sports. Below are some viewership statistics for nascar and football.


  • According to a 2019 nielsen scarborough report, 63% of nfl’s regular-season viewers were male.
  • The nfl’s viewership is highest in the northeast region of the united states, with an estimated audience size of 35.20 million.
  • The nfl’s viewership is most popular among the 35-49 age group.
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  • According to the same nielsen scarborough report, nascar viewership is 66% male.
  • Nascar viewership is concentrated in the southern and midwestern regions of the united states.
  • The average age of a nascar viewer is 58 years, with 54% of loyal fans being over 55 years.

While football still remains the king of sports in the united states, nascar has created a significant following. Both sports have their unique audiences with different demographics and geographic areas. Overall, it is safe to say that the popularity of a sport depends on the region, event, and individual factors.

Nascar Vs. Football: Attendance Figures

Many sports fans passionately debate which sport is more popular in america. While arguments can be made for various sports, two of the most popular are undoubtedly nascar and football. When it comes to attendance figures, which sport comes out on top?

Let’s take a look at the numbers and variables that impact attendance.

Comparison Of Nascar And Football Attendance Figures

Nascar and football are both sports with incredibly dedicated fan bases. However, when it comes to attendance figures, one stands out. Here are some numbers to compare:

  • Nascar’s most popular race, the daytona 500, has a seating capacity of 101,000, and was able to fill 97,000 of those seats in 2020.
  • The largest stadium in the nfl, the at&t stadium in arlington, texas, has a capacity of 80,000. In 2019, the dallas cowboys had an average attendance of 91,619 fans per game.

In terms of overall attendance figures, the nfl is the clear winner. However, there are various variables that impact attendance for both sports.

Examination Of The Variables That Impact Attendance

While the nfl has higher overall attendance figures than nascar, there are several factors that contribute to this. Here are some variables to consider:


  • The nfl has a distinct advantage when it comes to stadium size, with most stadiums seating over 60,000 fans.
  • Nascar tracks have much smaller seating capacities compared to football stadiums. The largest track in nascar, the indianapolis motor speedway, has a capacity of just over 257,000.

Team Loyalties

  • Team loyalties play a huge role in attendance figures for both sports. Football fans are often fiercely loyal to their favorite teams, which can result in consistently high attendance figures.
  • Nascar fans are equally passionate about their favorite drivers. However, drivers often change teams or retire, which can impact attendance figures.

External Factors

  • External factors like weather can greatly impact both nascar and football attendance figures. Cold weather or rain can discourage fans from attending.
  • Some nascar tracks, like the bristol motor speedway, have installed lights to allow for night racing, which can be more appealing to fans.

While the nfl has higher overall attendance figures than nascar, there are various factors that contribute to this. Both sports have incredibly dedicated fan bases, and by examining these variables, it becomes clear that attendance figures can be impacted by a variety of factors.

Nascar Vs. Football: Revenue Figures

It’s a never-ending debate about which sport is more popular: nascar or football? Revenue figures play a significant role in determining the popularity of any sport. Let’s take a look at the financial aspects of nascar and football, including advertising revenue, merchandise sales, and sponsorships.

Analysis Of The Financial Aspects Of Nascar And Football:


  • Advertising revenue: Nascar is a powerhouse when it comes to advertising revenue, with a whopping $920 million in 2020 alone, mainly from brand sponsorships.
  • Merchandise sales: Nascar’s merchandise sales are also impressive, with revenue of over $2 billion per year, including sales of hats, t-shirts, diecast cars, and other souvenirs.
  • Sponsorships: Sponsorship is one of the primary revenue sources for nascar, with title sponsorships for races, car sponsorships, and driver sponsorships. Nascar receives around $900 million in sponsorship revenue per year.


  • Advertising revenue: Football is one of the most-watched sports worldwide, which results in massive advertising revenue of around $5.85 billion each year, mainly from airing games on major networks and ad spots during the super bowl.
  • Merchandise sales: Football’s merchandise sales are beyond impressive, with a staggering revenue of over $100 billion per year worldwide, including sales of jerseys, caps, footballs, and more.
  • Sponsorships: Similarly, to nascar, football receives a significant amount of revenue from sponsorships, with some teams earning up to $13 million per year from jersey sponsorships.

In-Depth Comparison Of Overall Revenue Figures For Each Sport:

Nascar’s overall revenue for the year 2020 was $2. 3 billion, while football’s overall revenue for 2020 was $16. 5 billion. This clearly indicates that football generates more revenue than nascar. However, it’s also critical to note that nascar only has one major series, while football has multiple leagues and conferences globally.

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Both nascar and football are immensely popular sports, with their unique set of fans, revenue streams, and advertising strategies. While football generates more revenue than nascar, both sports have created lucrative revenue streams for themselves, demonstrating their popularity among fans and advertisers alike.

Impact Of Covid-19 On Nascar And Football

Is Nascar More Popular Than Football?

Although nascar and football are two vastly different sports, they have both been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic that rocked the world in 2020. In this section, we will discuss the impact of the pandemic on the popularity of both sports, including the effect on attendance, tv ratings, and revenue.

We will also analyse how nascar and football adapted to the challenges posed by covid-19.

Discussion Of The Pandemic’S Effect On The Popularity Of Both Sports

The covid-19 pandemic had a profound impact on both nascar and football, with the following outcomes:

  • Attendance of nascar races and football matches was restricted to comply with covid-19 guidelines, leading to reduced revenue for both sports.
  • With fans unable to attend matches, tv ratings became more critical for both sports. Although nascar saw their tv ratings increase, football experienced a decrease.
  • Without fans attending games, both sports faced reduced merchandising revenue, leading to some clubs and teams struggling due to the pandemic.

Impact On Attendance, Tv Ratings, And Revenue

The covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on attendance, tv ratings, and revenue for both nascar and football. Here are some key details:

  • Due to the pandemic, nascar and football had to implement safety protocols to ensure the safety of their staff, drivers/players and officials. This meant fewer fans could attend live events, leading to a significant decrease in ticket sales.
  • Nascar was fortunate enough to have resumed the 2020 season in may, whereas football’2020 season faced delays and uncertainty.
  • Nascar was able to expand their viewership, as covid-19 led audiences to explore alternate sports. Simultaneously, football tv rating faced a decline as some nfl games were played at the same time as the nba playoffs or mlb postseason games.
  • Both sports faced significant revenue losses; however, nascar was more financially prepared to handle the economic hit due to having a more sustainable business model.

Analysis Of How Nascar And Football Adapted To The Challenges Posed By Covid-19

Adaptability played an integral role in nascar and football’s survival during the pandemic. Here’s how they adapted to the challenges posed by covid-19:

  • Nascar was the first sport to resume in the us. They implemented strict safety protocols while resuming the season, which was a massive factor in winning back fan’s trust.
  • Nascar invested in esports to cater to their fan’s demands and increased their social media presence, which resulted in an increase in viewership.
  • Similarly, football nfl had to make numerous adjustments. They started slowly with virtual workouts and then progressed to in-person practice while maintaining social distancing. The league also made severe modifications to player protection protocols to ensure the safety of players.
  • Football also adapted to the environment, hosting the entire nfl draft virtually during the pandemic.

Both nascar and football faced unprecedented challenges due to the covid-19 pandemic. However, through their adaptability, they were able to rise above the challenges. Although nascar did better than football, both sports are still struggling, but they have shown that they can survive and thrive in unprecedented times.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions For Is Nascar More Popular Than Football?

Is Nascar More Popular Than Football In The Us?

It depends on the metrics you use. Football reigns supreme in terms of total viewership and merchandise sales, while nascar has a fiercely dedicated fanbase and consistently high attendance numbers in the southern and midwestern regions of the country.

How Does Nascar Compare To Football In Terms Of Viewership?

Football consistently draws higher viewership than nascar events – super bowl liv, for instance, reached an average of 102 million viewers, while the daytona 500 saw an average of 9. 17 million viewers. However, nascar has seen a recent uptick in viewership, with ratings up 8% in 2020 compared to the previous year.

What About Marketing And Media Attention?

Tire and auto companies, as well as beer and snack manufacturers, are among nascar’s major sponsors – and they invest heavily in marketing efforts that reach millions through nascar events, social media, and tv ads. While football boasts higher media coverage, nascar events also attract substantial media attention and a passionate fanbase.

Which Sport Has The More Passionate Fanbase?

Both sports are beloved by millions of fans nationwide. However, nascar events are renowned for their vibrant, energetic atmosphere thanks to fans’ passionate decorations, costumes, and vocal support of their favorite drivers. While football also has an intense fan culture, the live event experience at nascar races sets it apart.


Nascar and football are two of america’s most popular sports, but which one is more popular? While it’s a tough question to answer, we can say for sure that both sports have their own unique following and fanbase. While nascar appeals to speed junkies and car enthusiasts, football appeals to people who love team sports.

However, it’s no secret that football’s global popularity is second to none. The super bowl being the most watched television event in america is proof of that. That said, nascar has a more dedicated fan base. Once you get into it, it’s hard to pull away from the excitement and adrenaline rush of watching drivers take on the track.

While both sports have their distinct merits, the scale tips in favor of football when it comes to global popularity. However, nascar holds up quite well when it comes to its dedicated fanbase.

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